Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: Passover

Passover – Exodus 12:11-14

At sundown, Jews and Christians will be celebrating the Passover with family and friends by enjoying the traditional ritual of the Passover Seder.  We will be continuing the tradition that started with Moses and his family in Egypt.

The Cup of Salvation – Psalm 116:12-13; Luke 22:20

Yeshua knew this would be His last Passover celebration with His disciples.  He knew that within hours He would be crucified at the same time as the priests would be sacrificing the other lambs.  He had so much to tell His friends.

Unleavened Bread – Exodus 12:8

One more item was to be on the Passover table – unleavened bread.  Furthermore there could be no leaven found anywhere in the home. 

The Bitter Herbs Exodus 12:8

God commanded that as we eat the Passover Lamb, we also eat bitter herbs to remind us of the bitterness of our slavery.  Later in the Passover service, we make a sandwich of the bitter herbs and a sweet apple/nut mixture to remind us of the sweetness of our deliverance.

Death of the Firstborn Exodus 11:4-5

Moses had warned that if Pharaoh didn’t let Israel, God’s firstborn, leave, then God would take the firstborn of Pharaoh. This tenth and final plague brought death to Egypt, to the firstborn of man and beast. 

God’s Protection of Israel – Exodus 8:20-24

When Jacob’s family first came to Egypt, the Pharaoh sent them to live in the area of Goshen, a fertile area in northern Egypt.  This separation of the Jews was crucial, because by the fourth plague, God made a distinction between people.  While the rest of Egypt suffered from the swarms of flies, the Jewish people in Goshen were untouched.