Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: Messianic Prophecies

July 20: Messianic prophesy

God wanted no doubt about the line of the Messiah by repeating the same promise to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. He chose Isaac and not Ishmael, and Jacob and not Esau.  God has the right to choose which of Abraham’s descendants to receive the promise who would eventually become Israel.

July 10: Messianic Prophesy

God’s prophetic word applies to different situations and times but will always find complete fulfillment.  King David used the memorial name for God (יְהוָה) and referred to the resurrection of Yeshua! 

July 4: Israel’s redemption and salvation, Messianic prophesy

Despite Paul’s desire that the Gentiles would understand the “mystery” of God, sadly many people today are ignorant.  The great mystery, is that God brought together Jews and Gentiles in Yeshua, creating the One New Man.  The Gentiles were thus partakers of the promises of the commonwealth of Israel. 

July 3: Messianic Prophesy

Recognizing Jesus’ fulfillment of Messianic prophesy also depends on recognizing the Biblical context from the Tanakh (the Old Testament.)

May 31: Messianic prophecies

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit King Solomon, writer of Ecclesiastes, wrote that God put “eternity into the hearts” of man.  Even in his grief and suffering Job stood in faith that he had a Redeemer and would see Him face to face. 

May 30: Messianic prophecies

 “Son of David” was a familiar Messianic title in the time of Yeshua.  Even before Yeshua started His earthly ministry, people were beginning to wonder if it was He.  By His triumphal entry into Jerusalem the throngs we’re calling Him “Son of David.”

May 29: Messianic prophecies

The Jews had been waiting for the promised “Prophet like Moses.”  God had

warned them that there would be many false prophets.  And yet, although Yeshua fulfilled every prophesy the Hebrew prophets had described, still many were unwilling to accept Him.

May 28:  Messianic prophecy

The prophesy God gave to the prophet Balaam was the sign which the magi followed to find Yeshua, thousands of years later. 

May 27: Messianic Prophesy

God always provides a way of escape, usually using the most challenging and hard to believe methods.  In every situation, it took faith to follow His instructions.  And so many times these methods pointed to the salvation of Yeshua.