Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

The Fall Feasts

God’s calendar begins in the spring; therefore, the fall feasts are in the seventh month, corresponding to our September/October.  


According to the Biblical calendar that begins in the spring, the feasts of the fall begin in the seventh month.

Redemption and Salvation

Josiah was one of the most righteous kings of the Southern Kingdom (Judah). He called the people to repent and return to the Lord. He destroyed all the high places where the people sacrificed to false Gods and committed terrible acts of rebellion.


The chapter and verse divisions in our modern Bibles did not exist in the original and ancient scrolls. Jeremiah continues sharing God’s reasons for bringing judgement on Israel.

God’s unique relationship with Israel

God reminds Israel of His covenant relationship with her. He did so much to bless her and yet she rebelled against His goodness, grace and mercy. This is just as true today as it was when Jeremiah called the people to repent.

God’s unique relationship with Israel

The life message of the Hebrew prophets reflected many aspects of God’s character.  For the next few weeks we will listen to Jeremiah and Isaiah

The nations

God not only made and keeps His promises to Israel, He also made and keeps His promises to the nations. This promise that He made

God’s Unique relationship with Israel

Yesterday we prayed that Israel would remember and believe God’s promises about restoring the land and the nation of Israel.  Throughout Israel’s history God made

Restoration of the land

The enemy of God is Satan. God’s love for Israel causes Satan to hate her. Over the years Satan has tried many times to annihilate the people and completely destroy the land