Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Righteousness (Relationship)

The chapter and verse divisions in our modern Bibles did not exist in the original and ancient scrolls. Jeremiah continues sharing God’s reasons for bringing judgement on Israel.

Before Israel could take possession of the land of her inheritance, she had to cleanse it of the defilement of the inhabitants. Today God’s command to kill every man, woman and child seems to be horrible and unfair; but it shows how intolerant God is of sin and the devastation it causes.

God’s unique relationship with Israel

God reminds Israel of His covenant relationship with her.  He did so much to bless her and yet she rebelled against His goodness, grace and mercy.  This is just as true today as it was when Jeremiah called the people to repent.

The Nations

God not only made and keeps His promises to Israel, He also made and keeps His promises to the nations.

God’s Unique relationship with Israel

Yesterday we prayed that Israel would remember and believe God’s promises about restoring the land and the nation of Israel.  Throughout Israel’s history God made and kept His promises.

Restoration of the Land

The state of Israel is proof that God’s Word is true; that He will not break His promises.  Israel wasn’t “born” in 1948, she was re-established as a nation.  Thousands of years ago God warned Israel that there would come a day when He would exile her from the land, but He promised that He would bring her back. 

Tisha b’ Av-Call to reflection

On this day when Israel mourns the destruction of the Temple, let us remember that God is ready and willing to forgive and to bless.  He is waiting for Israel to repent and return to Him.

Tisha b’Av-A Time to Mourn

The God of Israel so loves Israel; He calls her the “apple of His eye.”  Try to imagine how His heart must break to watch His Beloved suffer.  Like a loving parent who must discipline a child, He knows what is best despite His personal pain.

Tisha b’ Av-Israel mourns

As these sad days of Tisha b’Av come to an end, we rejoice in God’s absolute promise to gather the Jewish and return them to Jerusalem to worship them in the beauty of holiness.

Tisha b’Av- Cry for restoration

God designed His calendar to give Israel at least one day every week to rest and reflect on their lives in relationship to God.  Today like then we are so busy we rarely take the time God has given us.  As a result, we like Israel find ourselves moving farther and farther way from Him.