Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Kategorie: Die Nationen

30. Oktober: Die Nationen

Gottes Gericht über Damaskus für Ihr Vorgehen gegen Israel wurde mehrmals von verschiedenen Propheten erwähnt. Auch heute erkennen wir den anhaltenen Kampf den Israel führt Zerstörung näher und näher nach Damaskus zu bringen.

28. Oktober: Die Nationen

Von je her gebraucht Gott die Nationen um Israel „zu erziehen“.  Aber sobald die Nationen daran Gefallen finden, die Juden zu verletzen, bestraft er sie härter als je Seine Disziplinierung gegenüber Israel ausfallen sollte.  Diese Tatsache bleibt eins der großen Rätsel von Gottes Weisheit!

September 22: The nations, End Times

We will continue to pray through God’s plan for the nations during the end of the world as we know it.  During this time, the sovereign, all powerful and all gracious God will reveal His grace, His majesty, His mercy and His justice.  There will be those who will sing songs of praise and those who will cry out in misery.  The big difference is focus; some will focus upward onto God, others will focus on themselves. 

September 21:  End Times, Jerusalem, The Nations

And yet, in the midst of God’s just judgement, there is a remnant who are turning to the Lord God of Israel.  God is not only blessing the prophet, but also us today with His promise.  All is never lost because God is a God of forgiveness and restoration.

September 20:  End Times, Jerusalem, The Nations

The prophet sees the devastation left and compares it to the fields after the harvest when there is only enough for the poor to find.  But there has NOT been a harvest, not enough even for the poor.  

September 17:  End Times, Jerusalem, The Nations

In today’s world, mankind tries to define “curse” according to their own likes and desires.  So “curse” is anything that might oppose them and what they want to do.  But God defines curse as anything, (mind, heart, will and actions) that goes against His perfect standards. 

September 16:  End Times, Jerusalem, The Nations

Two words in this passage that need our attention: “transgressed” and “everlasting covenant.”

The Hebrew root for the word translated as “Transgress” is עָבְר which can be defined as: “to pass over, pass by, pass through.”  Perhaps we could also say, the people were “ignoring” God’s laws.