Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Kategorie: Die Nationen

September 13: End Times, The nations, Jerusalem

Under God’s mighty hand, the earth will suffer from physical force as well as from man’s moral decay.  The decisions we make determine not only our destiny, but also impact the earth itself.

September 11: End Times, The nations, Jerusalem

Then suddenly the prophet hears the sound of nations…nations coming to Jerusalem with songs of worship.  The glory of the Lord is being praised from the ends of the earth.  It’s just a beginning, but it IS a beginning.

September 10: End Times, The nations, Jerusalem

From the days of Noah, man has found false pleasure and tried to dull their pain through sin.  The wine which once brought temporary joy will be gone and what will be left will be darkness, desolation and destruction

September 9: End Times, The nations, Jerusalem

God is the Creator and is sovereign over His creation.  Despite man’s attempts to “preserve” the earth, ultimately it’s man’s sins that is responsible for defiling it.   

September 8: End Times, The nations, Jerusalem

This week we will take an overview of Isaiah’s vision of God’s judgement of the world.  We can practically hear his astonishment at the devastation. But in the midst of the destruction, the prophet hears the sound of praise and sees God’s glory coming from Jerusalem.

26. August: Gott ist Israels Beschützer, Die Nationen

Gott wählte Israel als SEIN Zeuge für die Nationen, so das jeder IHN kennen und vertrauen kann. Das Israel ungeöhnliche Siege in der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft erzielte, ist Teil dieses Zeugnisses. Anbetung ist eines der Wege, um Gottes gewaltige Wege der Befreiung zu verkündigen.