Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

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9 de enero: antisemitismo cristiano – Pedazos de Verdad

Mucho de lo que los Teólogos del Reemplazo dijeron tenía elementos de verdad. La destrucción del Templo FUE un signo de la disciplina de Dios contra la rebelión y el rechazo de Israel a Yeshua. Su exilio también fue profetizado.

May 31: Romans: 9-11

Praise to God It is impossible to fully understand and appreciate God’s wisdom, love, grace and mercy. The response and responsibility of salvation is praise

May 29: Romans 9-11

We must never confuse the way God works with the nation with how He works with individuals because what God promises He does!

May 28: Romans 9-11

When Paul says, “all Israel” he is not saying that every single Jewish person will accept Yeshua as his Lord and Savior.

May 27: Romans 9-11

Paul goes against nature. First, the wild never gets grafted onto the good and never does that which was cut off get re-grafted!

May 26: Romans 9-11

How can a Jew be cut off from being a Jew? Impossible. But Jews can be cut off from God’s covenant blessings through rebellion and unbelief.

May 25: Romans 9-11

Often people focus on only one side of God’s character; either His goodness and mercy or His holiness and justice. But we cannot divide God that way.

May 24: Romans 9-11

Paul confronts and corrects an attitude that is still held by many believers – that God is finished with the Jews and the Gentiles have become “the chosen.”

23 de mayo: Romanos

La ilustración de Pablo de las ramas injertadas es contraria a la naturaleza y las prácticas agrícolas.