Lunchtime Prayer for Israel is a ministry of Novea Ministries, a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Oregon (1991).  All donations are tax exempt and a Tax-exempt receipt is sent to every donor.


  • To develop an international community of pray-ers who are committed to praying God’s Word and promises to Israel.
  • To educate Christians of God’s unique relationship with Israel based on His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and by so doing, to confront the lie of Replacement Theology.
  • To facilitate prayer for the salvation of Israel and the nations by sending daily blogs in multiple languages to subscribers all of the world.
  • To educate Christians of the feasts of the Lord and their significance today.


We pray seven major categories, all of which are archived and tagged for your easy reference.  The categories relate to God’s promises to Israel and to the nations.

At the beginning of each month, on the holiday of “Rosh Chodesh” we sing God’s praise.

At appropriate times we pray through the feasts of the Lord and several Israeli national holidays.  It is our hope that these daily posts will not only deepen a foundation of prayer during these high times for the Jewish people, but also educate Christians of the significance of the holidays.


The foundation of every post is the Word of God.  Therefore they can be used not only for prayer, but for other purposes as well:

For evangelism:

  • Righteousness
  • Israel’s Redemption and Salvation
  • God is Israel’s Protector

To confront Replacement Theology:

  • God’s Unique
  • Relationship with Israel
  • Restoration of the Land
  • Gathering and Return of the Jewish People