February 27: God is Israel’s Protection

Isaiah 59:18-19

According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, 
fury to His adversaries, 
recompense to His enemies; 
the coastlands He will fully repay.

So shall they fear 
the name of the Lord from the west, 
and His glory from the rising of the sun; 
when the enemy comes in like a flood, 
the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

The Spirit of the Lord will fight against Israel’s enemies, as He will for everyone who believes in Him.


Cesarea 20

Caesarea, where Herod the Great built a palace and an artificial harbor through use of hydraulic cement.

3 thoughts on “February 27: God is Israel’s Protection

  1. earl harris says:

    question…Since Israel is back in the land (partly, they sure don’t have all that
    is promised , yet) they are there in unbelief, can God bless them, protect them?
    Yes, he has to an extent, but they have paid a horrible price for unbelief. I don’t
    believe there will be real peace in Jerusalem until Jesus rules and reigns from
    that city. right or wrong thinking? blessings…. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    • joanie says:

      That is a valid question and the foundation of Replacement Theology and the argument of our Arab brothers. Nevertheless God’s covenant promises to Israel are forever and that includes the land. There are some who believe that because the majority of Jewish people are still in disobedience, there might be another dispersion. God would certainly be justified to send us back out of the land. That is why we are so urgently bringing the Gospel message and why we pray every week for their salvation.

    • joanie says:

      Right thinking! That’s why we are praying the way we are: renouncing the lies of the enemy and replacing with the truth of God’s Word. We believe this is a key to breaking the spiritual strongholds over the people and the land that they will begin to hear and respond!

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