July 5: Gathering and Return of the Jewish People

The joy of this passage is the help of the nations to bring the Jewish people home!  What a change of heart will take place.  The very nations which are currently opposing the existence of Israel and her resettling the land, will be the very nations who eventually help her.  Or more probably it will not be the nations, but individuals who understand and love the Bible and the God of the Bible.


Isaiah 49:22-23:  Thus says the Lord God:

“Behold, I will lift My hand in an oath to the nations,
 and set up My standard for the peoples;
 they shall bring your sons in their arms,
 and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders;

“Kings shall be your foster fathers,
 and their queens your nursing mothers;
 they shall bow down to you with their faces to the earth,
 and lick up the dust of your feet.
Then you will know that I am the Lord,
 for they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me.”

Operation Solomon, 1991 when 34 Israeli aircraft brought 14,325 Ethiopians home to Israel

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