November 15: Christian anti-Semitism – Jewish People

-The Jewish People

So what is the distinction between the Jewish people and the Gentiles, regardless of their faith? That answer is simple: The unique relationship God has with the nation of Israel, including both the people and later the land.

Exodus 4:21-23

And the Lord said to Moses, “When you go back to Egypt, see that you do all those wonders before Pharaoh which I have put in your hand. But I will harden his heart, so that he will not let the people go. Then you shall say to Pharaoh, ‘Thus says the Lord: “Israel is My son, My firstborn.  So I say to you, let My son go that he may serve Me. But if you refuse to let him go, indeed I will kill your son, your firstborn.”’”

After God sent three plagues onto Egypt, He sent Moses back to Pharoah to announce the fourth plague.  But this time was different.  The Jewish people suffered along with the Egyptians during the first three plagues, but not again.

Exodus 8:20-23

And the Lord said to Moses, “Rise early in the morning and stand before Pharaoh as he comes out to the water. Then say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord: “Let My people go, that they may serve Me. Or else, if you will not let My people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies on you and your servants, on your people and into your houses. The houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies, and also the ground on which they stand. And in that day I will set apart the land of Goshen, in which My people dwell, that no swarms of flies shall be there, in order that you may know that I am the Lord in the midst of the land.  I will make a difference between My people and your people. Tomorrow this sign shall be.”’”


God protected the Jews starting from the fourth plague

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