Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

End Times, Jerusalem

Because of God’s love for Jerusalem, the people have taken advantage of His grace and mercy.  Even today the many Jews refuse to believe that God would lift His hand of protection.  But ignoring God’s warnings He gave through the prophets is no excuse. 

End Times, The Day of the Lord

The next words of the angel must have startled Daniel because the angel talked about the “daily sacrifices.”  At the time, Daniel was in exile along with many other Jews, and the Temple in Jerusalem had not been restored.

End Times, The Day of the Lord

Daniel, like all of us, hear but don’t always understand.  So he begs the angel for greater clarification.  But all the angel assures him is the difference between the righteous and the wicked who will never understand.

End Times, The Day of the Lord

God does not give us the precise time when His judgement, discipline and punishment will begin, but He has given us its precise timing.  The various descriptions indicate that there will be two sections: the bad (called The Tribulation) and the very bad (The Great Tribulation.)  Daniel’s reaction and response to the terrible news the angel is bringing, is understandable.

End Times

Many people today choose to believe that death is final. But God tells us that death is only the end of mortal life and is the beginning of an eternal, everlasting life.  Even those already dead will be raised to that eternal, everlasting life.

End Times

God discipline will bring death to a great number of Jews. Some will die in discipline of their wickedness, others will die because of the surrounding persecution.  The persecution will be world-wide not just in a few countries.  No Jewish person will be safe.

End Times

God always sees the end from the beginning.  In His grace and mercy, He allows us to see from His perspective so we can have courage and endurance to the end.

End Times, The Day of the Lord

There will come a day when God’s patience will end; He doesn’t want any to be surprised.  The time for questions, excuses or arguments is over.  He demands SILENCE!  God has already provided the sacrifice He requires – the punishment of the wicked!

End Times; Righteousness

We’ve been hearing God’s charges against Israel and the nations.  Zephaniah gives us only a glimpse as God sent other prophets with essentially the same message.

This week, we’ll pause and jump to understand God’s promised purpose: 

End Times, Righteousness, Jerusalem

God makes His plans and purposes very clear so that everyone has the opportunity to repent and put their trust and faith in Him. He is especially concerned about Jerusalem as the prophets continually warn her inhabitants.

End Times, The Day of the Lord

Many people prefer not to think about “The Day of the Lord.”  Indeed, it will be frightening especially for those who are not confident in God’s protection. So thousands of years ago God gave the world warnings of what is to come. 

End Times, God’s unique relationship with Israel

God’s unique relationship with Israel is the basis for her prayers and her worship.  It is also the basis for God’s judgement and discipline of her. 

This Psalm also answers the question, “Why does God allow terrible things to happen to the Jewish people?”