Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Remembering God’s Protection

God never changes.  Despite Israel’s unfaithfulness, God was always faithful.  When Israel was in doubt or distress, remembering God’s faithfulness in the past would bring hope. 

Nehemiah Repents and Reminds

When Nehemiah learned of the condition of Jerusalem and the distress of the Jews that had returned from captivity, his heart was broken.  As a true prophet and intercessor, before he could petition God, he confessed the sin of the people.  Then reminded God of His promises to Moses. 

Israel Provokes God (Isaiah 1:2-4)

As any good parent, God gives His children blessings and promises to reward their obedience, and warnings if they disobey.  He is righteous in all that He does and never brings disincline without answering the question everyone asks, “Why?”  

God’s Unique Relationship with Israel.

Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys and God made another choice.  Ignoring the cultural norm of choosing the elder twin, God chose Jacob over Esau to continue the line of the Seed of the woman.

God’s Unique Relationship with Israel

God chose Israel through whom to fulfill His promise to destroy the seed of the Serpent by the Seed of the Woman. From the sons of Adam and Eve, God chose Seth, then Terah and Abram (renamed Abraham).

God’s Unique Relationship with Israel

After God created and scattered nations around the earth, He focused on developing and establishing a specific nation from whom the Seed of woman would be born. This nation would come from Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve.

God’s unique relationship with Israel

Most of the world, and even some in the Church are ignorant of God’s unique relationship with Israel. This ignorance is really a spiritual blindness; if Believers are blind, how much greater is the blindness of the world?

Therefore, our prayers must be directed to bringing down that barrier of blindness.