Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

August 9: Redemption and Salvation

Josiah was one of the most righteous kings of the Southern Kingdom (Judah).  He called the people to repent and return to the Lord.  He destroyed all the high places where the people sacrificed to false Gods and committed terrible acts of rebellion.  But the people’s repentance wasn’t from the heart and they soon turned back to their wicked ways.

August 8: Righteousness (Relationship)

The chapter and verse divisions in our modern Bibles did not exist in the original and ancient scrolls.  Jeremiah continues sharing God’s reasons for bringing judgement on Israel.

August 6: Shabbat Sweet

On Fridays we will have a special Shabbat Sweet video.  Here is today’s Shabbat Sweet, Enjoy!:

August 5 Reaping their fruit: Isaiah 3:8-11

God is just; His judgements are true. It is a lying spirit that will cause a person to deny the truth of their actions.  The Holy Spirit convicts but never condemns. 

August 4: Famine: Isaiah 3:1

God often used famine and starvation as judgement to discipline Israel to reject their false gods and return to Him.  In God’s ultimate, He will bring famine and starvation worse than the world has every experienced.  (See Revelation 6:5-8*)

August 3: Preparing for God’s Judgement: Isaiah 2:19-21

The prophesy of Isaiah confirms that there will be some in Israel who will turn from sin.  In that day the glory and majesty of God will shine forth from the heart of Israel. In that day He will be exalted over all the earth.

August 2: The Terror of the Lord: Isaiah 2:12-15

Yeshua, is long suffering and gracious, but His patience does have an end as the prophets warned.   People today are just as deaf as the people in Isaiah’s time and in Yeshua’s time. 

August 1: Warning to Judah: Isaiah 25-11

God described Himself to Moses as being “abounding in truth and covenant-keeping love” (CF John 1:17) with patience towards Israel and the nations.  He sent prophets to warn that there would come a day when that patience (but not His love) would end.  At the same time as they proclaimed a warning, the prophets also proclaimed God’s way of salvation. Thousands of years later, Yeshua came with the same messages!

July 30: Shabbat Sweet

On Fridays we will have a special Shabbat Sweet video.  Here is today’s Shabbat Sweet, Enjoy!:   We knew the camp-ground would get crowed

July 29: God’s unique relationship with Israel

God reminds Israel of His covenant relationship with her.  He did so much to bless her and yet she rebelled against His goodness, grace and mercy.  This is just as true today as it was when Jeremiah called the people to repent.

July 28: God’s unique relationship with Israel

The life message of the Hebrew prophets reflected many aspects of God’s character.  For the next few weeks we will listen to Jeremiah and Isaiah to pray God’s messages to Judah.   

July 27: The Nations

God not only made and keeps His promises to Israel, He also made and keeps His promises to the nations.