Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Israeli Holiday: From Death to Life

Sadly as Israel celebrates her rebirth, our Muslim residents and neighbors call this day, “The Catastrophe.”  But the rebirth of the nation is proof that the Bible is true and God’s promises are eternal.

Israeli Holiday: From Death to Life

 As God’s witness, Israel reflects God’s love even in the darkness of the Holocaust.  For those who ask questions, there really is no “satisfactory” answer. But this we can say, “Out of those ashes of death came life.” Today there are still survivors of that dark time who are living fulfilled lives. 

Israeli Holiday: From Death to Life

David’s son, Yeshua, fulfills this prophecy. God’s everlasting covenant of peace is through His grace by faith and He will rule Israel and the world forever.

Israeli Holiday- From Death to Life

God’s timing is not our timing. While we impatiently wait for Him to fulfill His promises, often He is asking us to participate in what He is doing.

Israeli Holidays – From Death to Life

God chose Israel to be His witness that the world, the Gentiles, might know, trust and worship Him. Sadly most people and even those who believe in the Word of God, miss the incredible miracle of Israel…truly life after death.

God Reveals His Holiness – Exodus 34:7

God continued describing Himself to Moses reminding us that part of His goodness is His righteousness and justice.  His holiness demands punishment for sin. 

God Reveals His Glory- Exodus 34:5-6

God had already shown Moses His power, so Moses could certainly believe that God would help him lead Israel out of Egypt.  But Moses wanted more.   Moses wanted God to go with him.  Moses said, “If your presence does not go, do not bring us up from here.”  Then Moses asked for even more, “Please show me Your glory!” (Exodus 33:13-19.)