Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

End Times, Preface “These Things:” Wars and Rumors of Wars

Biblical prophecies are usually fulfilled in several layers of time.  The technical term is: “The Principle of Double Reference.” This was true of Daniel’s prophesies (9:24-11) that we talked about before. 

Yeshua prophesy of the destruction of the Temple would be fulfilled about 40 years later, in 40 CE (AD); the deceptions started almost immediately after His death and will continue until the end of the Tribulation. 

“These Things:” False Teachers, Apostasy

God speaks very severely against false teachers, those who satisfy the “itchy ears” of the hearers instead of bringing the truth.  Today these false teachers can be found in huge churches, small congregations and throughout the internet.  They rarely speak from the Bible and when they do, they pervert the literal meaning by bringing an interpretation that will make the people feel good rather than challenge, exhort and encourage the people to seek God’s righteousness. 

“These Things” False Shepherds

The Psalmist describes the Lord God of Israel as a shepherd, He calls us His flock.  David’s years as a shepherd, was God’s training for him to become king of Judah.

End Times, Preface

Everyone, regardless who we are, has a message that he wants to share with others.  That makes us all “evangelists” or messengers, bringing what we consider to be good and important news.

God gives certain people an extra anointing to spread His message with a power that produces results.  Unfortunately, a charismatic personality can be confused with God’s anointing and can bring harmful results.

End Times, Preface

There have always been false prophets – men and women who claim to speak for and in the name of God but whose priority is themselves.  The credential of a true prophet comes from the Torah:

End Times, Preface

Yeshua chose twelve men to be His closest disciples, known today as Apostles; each was important in God’s plan even Judas who Yeshua knew would betray Him.  After Judas betrayed Yeshua and committed suicide, the Apostles wanted to appoint a replacement.

End Times, Preface

Now Yeshua began to answer their questions by defining “what things” will be coming. 

Of first priority was the need to beware and recognize deception.

End Times, Preface

Matthew’s expectations were not uncommon.  Most of the Jewish people then and still today are longing for a Messiah who will bring in the glorious Messianic Kingdom.  The expectations are for Israel to live in peace and security and the Messiah’s leadership will be recognized and respected by all of mankind.