Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Yom HaShoah -Remembrance Day to the martyrs and heroes of the holocaust

Yom HaShoah -Remembrance Day to the martyrs and heroes of the holocaust

At sundown tonight one of most somber days in the life of Israel began…..Yom HaShoah, the day of the Holocaust. On Yom HaShroah we remember, and mourn the 6 million Jews, a third of the Jewish population who were murdered in the Holocaust…..and we honor the survivors as we celebrate their lives.   

Next week we celebrate Yom HaZikaron (the memorial for soldiers and victims of terror), followed the next day by Yom HaAzma’ut (Independence day) 

Yes for the next 8 days, we go from mourning into dancing as we celebrate God’s faithfulness.  These three special days keep our focus on God’s fulfillment of His  promises to the Jewish people, the resurrection and restoration of Israel.  

As the prophet Ezekiel foretold, the Dry Bones came to life!!!

In most homes, a special candle is lit. The Yarzeit candle burns for 24 hours and is lit on the anniversary of loved ones.  In my home I also light 6 little tea candles.

Throughout the land, flags are at half-mast and all restaurants and entertainments are closed.  Television is focused on the history of those terrible days in the lives of so many. Testimonies of survivors are  amazing and usually very uplifting.  

The ceremonies begin at 8:00 pm with the laying of wreaths at Yom Vashem.

Monday’s ceremonies  start at 10:00 AM with a two minute siren blast.   

Everything comes to a stop.   Pedestrians stand in place, buses stop on busy streets and cars pull over even on major roads – their drivers standing on the roads with their heads bowed.

Sadly there are those living in our midst who hate Israel and the Jews and do everything they can to mock these solemn two minutes.  If they can, they ride their motorcycles around the parked cars.  I’ve watched that more than once.

The President of the State of Israel, the Prime Minister, dignitaries, survivors, children of survivors and their families, gather together with the general public to take part in the memorial ceremony. The day ends with the lighting of 6 torches at the Memorial to the Warsaw Ghetto.

On this day of remembrance, it’s important to recognize and honor the many others who were tortured and murdered by the Nazis as well as those brave men and women who risked or even lost their lives trying to rescue as many Jews as they could.  There are many movies I could recommend to you about these brave people, people like Corey Ten Book and family, Dedrick Bonhauffer, Schindler, Raul Wallenberg.  Go to our Lunchtime Prayer website where we have told the stories of many of these precious people. 


Here is a testimony from Gisela who is one of our German translators.


For me as a German, this Holocaust Remembrance Day is very personal and important to me in a double sense.


My father  fought as a soldier and my  mother was part of the “Hitler Youth.“ So yes, thoughts and memories of that time are very personal


The historical view:

Hitler claimed, that there were strong and weak races. He considered that Germans, as Aryans, were a stronger race and should therefore rule over weaker races. Technically Aryan’s are not a race, but a social rather than an ethnic epithet. 


Regardless, Hitler was determined to annihilate  not only the Jews but also other groups he considered to be inferior including those with physical and mental diseases.


I was shocked when I was told that my beloved grandma, who’s backbone was broken because of an accident and looked like a hump back, should also be picked up and brought into a Death camp. Unimaginable!


Thinking about the great suffering of the Jewish people in Germany during the Nazi regime I was over-whelmed by extreme guilt as I thought of the German people as they watched what was going on.  My heart was broken.  As tears streamed down my face I turned to God begging Him for forgiveness.


Friends, through my faith in Yeshua, I understand that reconciliation can only begin, when we allow the things that happened at that time to touch our hearts today.


We must not be silent and must speak the truth no matter how much we want to hide. We must admit our participation, even our silence, in the destruction against the Jewish people and ask them for forgiveness regarding all things which were done to them


It doesn’t matter if our forefathers actually participated or were silent….they were motivated by their trust a demonic inspired leader and had believed his lies.


The spiritual view:

This memorial day should remind us, that it was, is and it will be the ambition of Satan to annihilate the Jewish People.  The enemy of God is the enemy of the Jews.  He is determined to  stop the fulfillment of God’s prophecies ( Zechariah 2, 10-12) written in the scripture. 


It is because of his determination that the people of Israel live under constant threat.


But God’s covenant with his chosen people is an eternal covenant.  Furthermore GOD calls for the Gentile Nations to speak tenderly and truthfully. It is the privilege and responsibility be messengers of joy to them and take a stand for them in the spiritual world.


But we cannot comfort and speak joy to them unless we also speak truth.  And the truth is that there will be extremely difficult days ahead.  We must speak truth about what the Bible calls, Jacob’s Trouble.  Jacob’s Trouble will be the final 3.2 years of the Tribulation when God will judge and punish Israel for her thousands of years of rejection and rebellion


So what can be a greater act of love and more important than to bring warning to the Jewish people of what lies ahead?  Joanie has often said, “Don’t love my people to hell.”  We must 🤪xoxo love them enough to proclaim the grace of God to be reconciled to Him through forgiveness of their sins of rebellion through faith in their messiah.  


Probably the most important verses to share with your Jewish friends are:

Leviticus 17:11

Jeremiah 31:31-33

Isaiah 52:13-53-12







Yad Vashem The world Holocaust Remembrance Center