Learning and growing

I have had a growing heart to learn and serve in a ministry that will help Christians know more about their spiritual roots as well as reach out to Jewish people to help them know and feel the love of Jesus Christ and God’s desire to have a relationship with all of His creation.

I grew up in traditional church and years ago I could start seeing the correlation between the altar set up and the Temple–between candles (lampstands), table for Communion (table of showbread), etc. As a teenager I attended Young Life—a Christian outreach for High School students—and invited Christ into my heart. Since then I have hungered to know how Jesus walked, lived, and worshiped.  About 12 years ago the church we attended held an instructional Seder right before Good Friday and I was captured.  Since then I have wanted to learn all I can about the Jewish faith and the people of Israel.   I fully believe for myself that I need to know more about the different theologies and customs of Israel, and her people, so I can help bridge gaps, share my knowledge with Christians and support Israel as a nation.

I finally got the opportunity to go to Western Seminary and took the class touring Israel and was even more captured.  I enjoyed spending time with the Israeli children who loved my name 🙂  My spiritual heart is in Israel and Jerusalem. I pray for the church to support Israel and hunger to learn more about her spiritual roots. I pray for Israel and her people every day—to be surrounded by peace and God’s love.

My husband and I are currently are enjoying a Torah Study led by one of my Western professors (who also helped nurture and feed my Messianic hunger). As we began to study the Torah we quickly learned that this is not a short Bible study. We are learning that our study will take many years to begin to understand all of the depth of knowledge and love that Torah has within its pages. Our study group is learning the differences between following Torah as Christ did (being Biblically Jewish) and being culturally Jewish. We are learning how to focus more and more on our relationship with God and Yeshua and how to bring how whole hearts to Him—He in turn opens His heart to us in love.

I am here to serve the ministry in any way I can.  I have the time and would like to put my MDiv to use as God leads in reaching out to bridge the gap between the Christian and Jewish people.

Chaplain Sharon

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