Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: Israel’s Redemption and Salvation

Israel’s Redemption and Salvation

Because of Israel’s continued rebellion, the Lord told Isaiah to warn the people.  Despite God’s love for Israel and His desire to see her accept Him by faith, He was putting a veil of blindness over their hearts.  

Israel’s Redemption and Salvation

God described Himself to Moses as being patient and long-suffering.  God has proven His great endurance, especially in His relationship with Israel.

Israel’s Redemption and Salvation

Believers in the Bible disagree about salvation for Jews, but not about the salvation of Gentiles.  There are some who insist that because of God’s unique relationship with Israel, He does not require the Jews to believe in the atonement of Yeshua.  This is totally contrary to God’s word.  There is only one way of salvation.

Israel’s redemption and salvation

There is a lie about St. Francis of Assisi.  The rumor is that he said, “Preach the Gospel all the time, but use words only when necessary.”  This is totally false because St Francis knew that words were crucial and to use words all the time. 

Israel’s redemption and salvation, The Nations, End Times

Today many churches do not interpret God’s prophetic word literally.  Instead they interpret everything as an allegory.  Nothing is as the writer meant, but instead refers to something else.  In that way everything that God meant means something else.

Israel’s Redemption and Salvation

Most Jewish people are familiar with the words “Jacob’s Trouble” but very few know its meaning.  What’s worse is that many Gentile followers of Yeshua don’t know its meaning either or believe it has already happened. 

Israel’s Redemption and Salvation, End Times

Both the Psalmist and Jeremiah speak of a time when God will bring back the captivity of the Jewish people.  The return of the Jews began at the end of the 19th century.  Today there are more Jews in Israel than in any other country.  That gives us greater motivation to share God’s message of redemption and salvation to Israel.

The Nations, Israel’s Redemption and Salvation

Millions of tourists and pilgrims come to Israel every year.  They come for many reasons; followers of Jesus usually want to “walk where Jesus walked.”  While that is an important motivation, they miss seeing where Jesus is walking NOW and where He WILL walk tomorrow!