Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: The Nations

Restoration of the Land

ome people believe that when God issued Israel divorce papers, that it would be forever (Isaiah 50:1). But God never breaks His covenant relationship with Israel. His promise to Jeremiah confirms His everlasting love for Israel and His plans for her future – the restoration of the Land as well as the people.

The Nations

God not only made and keeps His promises to Israel, He also made and keeps His promises to the nations.

The nations

Most of the time the writers of the Psalms use “the wicked” with “the nations.” God judges nations and judges individuals.

The nations

To threaten Israel and the Jewish people is to actually threaten God. Assyria learned this lesson when God answered King Hezekiah prayers for help.

The nations

The nations who are determined to destroy Israel and the Jewish people wherever they may be found, should remember the end of the story.

The nations

God’s special relationship with Israel was meant to provoke the other nations to jealousy so they would desire for the same relationship.

The Nations

Israel wanted to be like other nations, and yet God’s plan for the nations is for them to be like what Israel was meant to be!

The Nations: Ezekiel 36:6-15

God continues His message by warning the nations what He will do if they continue trying to take the land of Israel.