LTP 2013 Logo FinalLunchtime Prayer for Israel is a ministry of Novea Ministries, a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Oregon (1991).  All donations are tax exempt and a Tax-exempt receipt is sent to every donor.

Novea comes from the Hebrew root [נָבַע] and means, “bursting or bubbling forth.”  It is used in Psalm 19:2  and Psalm 145:7 translated as “utter” or “abundantly utter.”  This word best describes our mission statement:

Filling the earth with the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Christ Jesus.


The Golden Burst of the logo captures the “bursting forth” of:

  • God’s glory
    The Golden Burst of Novea Ministries
    The Golden Burst of Novea Ministries
  • Praise & worship
  • Joy of salvation
  • Living water of the Holy Spirit


Lunchtime Prayer furthers the three-fold goals of Novea Ministries: 

  • Witness TO

    • We are dedicated to share that Gospel of Yeshua to the Jewish people in a cultural context they can understand. The majority of daily posts of LTP come from the Tenach (the Old Testament) and the Hebrew pages are a valuable witnessing tool.


  • Witness IN Israel
    • Many Believers (even in Israel) are not familiar with God’s promises and prophetic word to the Jewish people.  Praying through our daily posts is a way to educate, ecourage and even mentor Believers both young and mature.


  • Witness OF Israel
    • God’s unique relationship with the Jewish people is misunderstood, ignored or worse, denied by many Christian churches.  Replacement Theology distorts God’s character and blinds the Church from seeing the miracle of “life from the dead.”  The daily posts confront and correct the lie of Replacement Theology and brings glory to God for His faithfulness to Israel.