שַֽׁאֲלוּ שְׁל֣וֹם יְרֽוּשָׁלִָ֑ם
Sha’alu shalom Yerushalayim  Pray for the shalom of Jerusalem

WHEN: OCTOBER 10-20, 2018

COST: $2,350

We have designed this Prayer Journey to pray God’s promises directly over Israel and break the spiritual strongholds that keep Israel in spiritual blindness and bondage.

Your participation will have a life changing impact for you AND make an eternal impact on Israel in both the spiritual and the natural realms.

So come with us on a life impacting journey.


  • We will pray God’s promises at important Biblical and historical sites.  Under the watchful eye of a trained Israeli tour guide, we will go to “hot spots” where we will proclaim God’s promise to protect Israel.
  • We will repent and renounce the 2000 years of anti-Semitism and proclaim God’s unique loving relationship with the Jewish people.
  • We will meet and interact with many spheres of Israeli life, from settlers to the religious to the vendors at the shuk (outdoor market) 


Itinerary Overview


(Subject to change due to circumstances on the ground)

We have designed this Journey to be

  • Devotional: so you will grow in the knowledge of Who God is.
  • Purposeful: as your prayers will bless the heart of God AND break the spiritual strongholds over the land and the people of Israel.
  • Educational: as you experience the Word of God in His chosen land!

Day 1: Wednesday, October 10: Arrival

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport by 3:00 (if possible) to arrive hotel between 4-7

Bus to Prima Kings Hotel, Jerusalem will depart from the airport at 5:30

Scriptural reference: Psalm 122

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 2: Thursday, October 11: Israel Past, present and future

Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial):

The Holocaust has made an indelible mark on the Jewish people and has helped define who we are today.  Yad Vashem evokes feelings of the Jews’ pain.

Scriptural reference: Gen 3:15; Jeremiah 30:7; Mark 24:9, 21-22


Independence Hall:

That fateful and incredible afternoon on May 14, 1948 when the State of Israel was “officially reborn.”  Our feelings will rise out of the ashes of the Holocaust into the heights of joy as we praise God for His faithfulness to His word!

Scriptural reference: Isaiah 66:7-9



Top of Mt Carmel, commemorates Elijah’s confrontation and victory of the prophets of Ba’al.  http://www.labeauteducarmel.net/actuel/el_muhraqa

Scriptural reference: 1 Kings 18; Rev 16:16

Overnight on the shores of the Kinneret, (Sea of Galilee)


Day 3: Friday, October 12: Spiritual & Military Battles


The small ancient town is considered by the Kabbalah mystics to be the place where God’s glory dwells while waiting for the Messiah to come and rebuild the Temple.  Today many religious and political leaders come to Safed’s cemetery to pray at the graves of departed leaders.    https://www.safed.co.il

Scriptural reference: Mark 7

IDF Army Experience;

We will visit a base that is strategic to our northern borders.

Scriptural reference: Deut 33:26-29; Psalm 121

Tel Dan:

Jeroboam’s “alternate Temple” the northern most city of Israel, belonging to the tribe of Dan.  The site is still in great condition with the “Burnt Altar” perfectly preserved.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_(ancient_city)

Scriptural reference: 1 Kings 12:25-23


(Caesarea-Philippi) is the site of Peter’s great statement of faith, according to Christian tradition.  However, being a pagan town with a ‘temple’ to the god of Pan, it is unlikely that Yeshua and His disciples visited.  Nevertheless the truth of Peter’s statement makes this a good place to pray for the world to worship Yeshua in Spirit and in Truth.  http://www.biblewalks.com/Sites/Banias.html

Scriptural reference: Matt 16:13-20

Mt Bental: 

High mountain in the Golan, with incredible views of the Mt Herman and the Golan.  Pivotal in the Yom Kippur war and security of the Kibbutzim below.  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/mount-bental-valley-of-tears

Scriptural reference: Psalm 61:1-3; 91; Prov 18:10

Overnight on the shores of the Kinneret, Galilee



Day 4: Saturday, October 13: Beauties of the Galilee

Mt. Arbel:

Cliffs in the Lower Galilee with magnificent view of the Kinneret.  Rising high above Midgal, home of Mary Magdalene, its caves were refuges for ancient warriors.  It’s near one of the few trails that we are positive Yeshua walked on His way to Jerusalem.  http://www.biblewalks.com/Sites/arbel.html

Scriptural reference: Ps 27:5-6


Yeshua made Capernaum his home during the years of his earthly ministry; Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew all lived here.  It was one of the villages Yeshua cursed.  The ruins are very well preserved giving us a vivid understanding of life among the disciples.  http://www.bibleplaces.com/capernaum/

Scriptural reference: Matt 4:13-21, 11:23; Luke 7:1


Called “Masada of the North,” is both gorgeous (watch the eagles soar overhead) but it is important as a place in Jewish history where the defenders fought gallantly until their tragic end.  We will pray for those brave soldiers who will face even greater enemies in the days ahead. http://www.biblewalks.com/Sites/Gamla.html

Scriptural reference: Isaiah 40:31

Mt of Beaitudes:

Traditional site of Yeshua’s “Sermon on the Mount,” which many consider the commentary of the Ten Commandments.  Pictures usually show Yeshua on the top of the hill but actually He was at the bottom using the wind at His back for amplification!


Scriptural reference: Matt 5-7


Home of Mary Magdalene.  The ancient synagogue is the perfect place to pray for a spiritual revelation to those who are sincerely observing Jewish traditions and rituals but are blind to the prophesies of their own Bible

Scriptural reference: Luke 8:1-2; Matt 4:23-25

Sunset sail on the Kinneret.

What could be more inspiring than worshipping on the Kinneret at sunset?! http://www.seaofgalileeworshipboats.com

Overnight on the shores of the Kinneret, Galilee



Day 5: Sunday, October 14: From King Saul, Gideon, King of Kings

Ma’ayan Herod (Gideon Springs):

We’ve read the stories of Deborah and Barak, and Gideon, but many other wars were fought here and the first Israeli soldiers trained!  Lots of history in this lovely and peaceful park.  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/ma-rsquo-ayan-harod-nature-reserve

Scriptural reference: Judges 7

Beit Shean:

We know this was the place where the heads of Jonathan and Saul were put on display.  But so much more happened here and the ruins remind us of the power of Rome which eventually crumbled as will all the great nations of the world under the mighty hand of the God of Israel.  http://www.biblewalks.com/Sites/BeitShean.html

Scriptural reference: Psalm 1 Sam 31:8-13

King of Kings worship service. 

The largest English speaking Messianic congregation in Jerusalem.  Excellent worship and teachings.  KKCJ is a hub for many other congregations and ministries. We will worship as the “One New Man” as Jews and Gentiles worship together. http://www.kkcj.org

Overnight in Jerusalem.



Day 6: Monday, October 15: Battling the enemy


In the power of the Living God of Israel, David felled Goliath with one small stone in this place! http://www.travelujah.com/blogs/entry/Seeing-the-Ella-Valley-in-the-time-of-David-and-Goliath

Scripture reference: 1 Sam 17


Ashdod was the principal of the five Philistine cities.  Today it is a thriving and growing city of almost 250,000 people, with Russian immigrants a large portion.  We will be meeting with the pastors of one of the several Messianic ministries in the area who have just built a “prayer tower” where we will proclaim God’s promises over the city. 

Sderot is continually coming under fire from the rockets sent from their close neighbors in Gaza.  Not surprisingly, many people are asking a lot of spiritual questions and finding their Messiah.  We will pray over the border and rejoice with the local Messianic pastor.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashdod, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-arkus/sderot—bomb-shelter-cap_b_7252014.html

Scriptural reference: Joshua 11:22; 1 Sam 5:6-12

Israel museum:

There is lots to see at the museum, but we will focus on the scale model of Jerusalem in the 1st century and the Dead Sea Scrolls in the adjoining SHRINE OF THE BOOK.


We should have time to do some souvenir shopping in Center city, Jerusalem.

Overnight in Jerusalem.



Day 7: Tuesday, October 16: A Dream, The Tabernacle and the Temple


It’s incredible to stand in the very place where the Tabernacle of Moses rested for over 300 years!  You can easily imagine the Tribes on the surrounding hills.  Just over the horizon is the town of Iscariot, home of Judas. 


Scriptural reference: Psalms 78:60, 86; 1 Sam 1:1-3, 3:21

Beit El:

Joseph had a dream here, the oldest oak tree in Israel is here, and amid the terraced landscape are caves housing olive and wine presses. There is a thriving settlement here, although the world is demanding Israel stop building in the “possessed territories.”  Another glimpse into Israel’s past and present!


Scriptural reference: Gen 28:10-22

Visit to a settlement:

To really know how to pray for Israel, we need to listen to and interact with all the people.  The settlers risk body and soul to possess the land promised to the “Fathers” regardless of the dangers to self and family.   

Scriptural reference: Gen 12:17-18, 17:7

Kotel & Western Wall tunnel:

The Western Wall (Kotel) is Judaism’s most holy place and the most contested piece of real estate in the world.  Of course we will pray here for the salvation of the Jewish people and then as we walk through millennia-old tunnel we will see the wonders & fascinating details of Jerusalem city life thousands of years ago.


Scriptural reference: 2 Chron 7:12-16; Ezra 3:1-11

Overnight in Jerusalem



Day 8: Wednesday, October 17: Jerusalem – David to Yeshua

City of David:

Thousands of years ago, God chose a young shepherd boy to be the King of Israel.  David left Hebron, the burial site of his forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and, in obedience to the choice of God, made Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel. We will explore the recent excavations and walk through Hezekiah’s tunnel (2 Chron. 32)

http://www.cityofdavid.org.il/en/about    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siloam_tunnel Scriptural reference: 2 Sam 5:1-7

Southern Steps of the Temple:

Walk carefully through this largest excavation in Israel, revealing the steps that Yeshua and all the disciples climbed to enter the Temple. 

Scriptural reference:Deut 16:16; Psalms 120-134


Descend into the very bottom of this ancient dungeon, possibly where Yeshua waited to be tried by Caliphas.    

Scriptural reference: Luke 22:31-34, 55-60

Overnight in Jerusalem.



Day 9: Thursday, October 18: Proclaiming and Praising


Take the cable car (you can walk if you desire) to the top.  Here Herod built one of his several palaces where the view is spectacular.  Today Israeli soldiers take the oath of service here in remembrance of the suicidal massacre of the Jewish people rather than surrender to the Romans (73 AD). Together we shout, “Never Again!”

Ein Gedi:

As we travel downwards along the Dead Sea, we see many caves where David and his mighty men hid from Saul.  Suddenly we come to the oasis of Ein Gedi where he wrote so many of the Psalms were written. http://www.bibleplaces.com/engedi/

Scriptural reference: 1 Sam 23:14-27

Dead Sea:

Two things will amaze you: how close Jordan is and the reality of God’s promise to bring life back to the Dead Sea.  While nothing can live in these waters, your skin will love the minerals!  So we will smear ourselves with the mud and then take a dip!

Scriptural reference: Ezekiel 47:8-9

Meeting Israelis:

Perhaps the biggest blessing of this journey is interacting with Israelis.  Mahane Yehua (outdoor market) and Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall are “hot spots” for young adults.  The German Colony caters to the slightly more upscale.  Take your choice and find those Divine Appointments!  http://en.machne.co.il  Scriptural reference: Romans 1:16

Overnight in Jerusalem



Day 10:  Friday, October 19: Religious and Secular love the Sabbath

Mea Shearim:

In the largest ultra-religious neighborhood in the world people will be scurrying to finish preparations for the Sabbath.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQZF-eZFAHE        Scriptural reference:Isaiah 29:9-16

Meeting Israelis:

While the religious pray and prepare, the more secular head to the First (Train) Station for that special Friday cup of coffee.  And they are thrilled to talk to and hear how much they are loved by Christians!  Tourists love the special prices of the vendors who charge double in town!

Scriptural reference: Joel 2



Erev Shabbat Dinner:

We’ll have our own, semi-traditional Shabbat celebration

Scriptural reference: Exodus 20:8-11

Overnight in Jerusalem.



Day 11: Saturday, October 20: Tracing Yeshua’s last day

Mt of Olives:

We will walk slowly down the narrow street where Yeshua so often walked from Bethany to the Temple.  We will stop at the traditional sites and contemplate what happened here 2000 years ago.  Would we have been among those who waved palm branches or those who sneered? http://www.bibleplaces.com/mtolives/

Scriptural reference:Luke 19:28-44; Luke 22:39; Zechariah 14:1-5

Garden of Gethsemane:

We will enter the private section of the Garden to enable each of us a special place for prayer.

Scriptural reference: Matt 26:36-55; Luke 22:40-53

Pools of Bethseda:

The name is actually “Beit Hesed” which means “house of God’s covenant keeping love,” much more fitting than the English translation.  On the premises is St. Anne’s church with such incredible acoustics, we MUST worship the One who IS HESED.


Scriptural reference: John 5:1-15

Garden Tomb:

In the middle of “eastern Jerusalem”, surrounded by the bustle of buses and business, the doors open up in a refuge of peace and serenity.  The accuracy of this site is unknown, but it is the “go-to” place for Communion and reflection.

Scriptural reference: John 19:17, 38-42

Farewell dinner

Transport to the airport.


It is finished!


Registration Requirements

Registration Requirements

Three items are required to process your registration:

  1. Completed application. 
  2. Copy of valid passport
  3. Deposit

Use the link at the bottom of the application to return form along with a scan of your passport.

If you choose to pay by check, just include the application and copy of your passport.


COST:  $2350.00 (per-person, double occupancy)

+2.9% supplement for PayPal, Debit or Credit Card

Triple reduction:  USD $102

Inclusive for all land expenses:

  • Accommodations with large Israeli breakfast and dinner.
    • Reduction for Triple room occupancy: USD $102.00
  • All tips (bus driver, guide and hotel)
  • All entrance fees

Not included in the cost:

  • All personal items
  • Snacks, water, lunches
  • Air transportation
  • Air flight or insurance
  • Accommodations due to travel connections
Payment Options



Personal checks made out to Novea Ministries.  Note for “Prayer Journey”

Novea Ministries

P.O. Box 62592

Colorado Springs, CO  80962

PayPal or Credit Card (via PayPal) with Surcharge: 2.9%

Journey Partners

Please consider a gift to sponsor a participant. You can specify for recipient or give to the General Journey fund. 

Tax deductible donations to the Journey General Fund:…….

Optional anonymous donation: Name Email, Designation to person or general fund.


Non-refundable deposit due by November 30, 2017 – $250

Second payment due March 31, 2018: $1,050

Final payment due: July 1, 2018: $1,050


Travel Insurance


If you’re an experienced traveler you probably know the importance of comprehensive travel insurance.  Bags get lost or delayed and flights also cancelled or delayed.

Travel insurance is so important that we have found an excellent supplier, Faith Ventures.  We highly recommend both the Premium and the Upgrade insurance policies.   

Please read it carefully.

Insurance includes:

  • Trip delay, cancelation or interruption
  • Accidental death
  • Medical expenses (*check policy)
  • Evacuations
  • Baggage/personal effects
  • Baggage delay
  • Cancellation 

*Depending on the situation, you might need to pay on site (by credit card) and then apply for reimbursement by your insurance. Find out in advance if your insurance plan will make payments directly to providers or reimburse you later for overseas health expenditures.

If you have to make a claim later, make sure you keep all documentation.

Flight Information


Booking flight options:

Book your own flight

Our travel agent will coordinate your flights with the others in the group. Contact:

         Kathleen Annis: [email protected]



Flight should arrive at Ben Gurion no later than 4:00 PM on October 10, 2018.  Dinner will be available at the hotel until 8:30. We will have an orientation meeting at 8:00.

Transport to the hotel

Transport from Ben Gurion Airport to Prima Kings Hotel, Jerusalem will be provided at 17:30 (5:30pm).  Please try to arrange your arrival time accordingly.  Notify [email protected] with your flight details.  

Other transportation options to the hotel include:

  • Airport shuttle (called shiroot) is available outside the terminal and for a modest fee takes you directly to the hotel.
  • We can arrange a special bus for 5-6 passengers at a cost of $125.00



The last day of the journey is October 20, 2018.  We will have a farewell dinner at the hotel and be ready to head for the airport.  When we have more information on flight times, we will advise.

BTW, we have our hotel rooms booked for that night, so you will be able to return to your room and freshen up before dinner and departure!

Early arrival or extending your stay

Please contact us ([email protected]) for information regarding an early arrival or desire to extend your stay.  You just might not want to go home!

Cancellation Policy



We HIGHLY recommended the Premium Plan Travel with Trip Cancelation/Interruption insurance which covers trip cancellation.  You can view the policy on their website: https://www.faithventures.com/insurance/#compare

Disclaimer and Release - Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer and Release Form

The undersigned Participant intends to travel and participate in the Prayer Journey to Israel scheduled from October 10, 2018 through October 20, 2018.  Novea Ministries, a non-profit religious organization, formed under the laws of the State of Oregon is acting as the host, and has assisted in making arrangements for parts of the trip. 

Although Novea has and will be involved in coordinating certain aspects of the trip, Novea is not a travel agency or a tour operator, but rather works with third parties which book hotels and make other arrangements.  Participant acknowledges that he/she has arranged for his or her own travel to and from Israel for the trip.

As with any trip, there are risks inherent in the travel arrangements and scheduled activities. Therefore, Novea highly recommends purchase of the Premium Plan Travel and Upgrade Insurance from Faith Ventures or an equivalent vendor.  

 Participant acknowledged he/she has read and accepted the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage.  Any additional coverage is at the expense of the Participant.

Participant is participating in the trip with full understanding of the risks.  Participant agrees that in no way shall Novea’s directors or officers have any liability for any harm or damage suffered relating to the trip.

The Participant understands that the signing of this disclaimer and release is part of the registration process.

Getting Ready

Got questions?  Hopefully here are the answers.  If not, please feel free to contact us.


Coming to Israel, especially on a prayer journey as this, requires a bit more preparation than any other type of (or destination) trip.  Please take the time to follow our suggestions, for your benefit and for the good of the team.


Someone once said, “You can push the enemy out of your city or country, but he will back into Jerusalem.  God chose Jerusalem as the place where He would put His name and the Jewish people to be His witness to the world.  Those choices made this place and this people the bulls-eye for spiritual warfare. Any presumptuous sin or hidden fault on your part will soon be exposed, even from the time of your decision to come.  So be ready! Allow the Lord to heal and strengthen your walk with Him.

Once you arrive, the battle increases so don’t be surprised.  Cracks in your armor that you thought had been healed, are suddenly exposed and become gateways for an onslaught. 

  • Recognize the real trigger
  • Repent when necessary
  • Forgive always
  • Walk in freedom

Remember that the battle is not yours alone.  Develop a team of intercessors committed to praying for you. Of course your team leaders are always ready to help. 


Now’s the best time to get back into the Hebrew Bible (aka Old Testament).  The Gospel will be more understandable to Israelis if you use Scriptures that are familiar [more on this following]. “Provoke them to jealousy” by knowing “their God” and “their Bible” better than they do.  And they will be surprised that you’re not “religious.” 

(There’s a category in Lunchtime Prayer for Israel (www.lunchtimeprayer.com) called “Israel’s Redemption and Salvation.”  There you will find hundreds of HB Scriptures you can use. The holiday series of Passover and Christmas are excellent.)

We have provided many of the Scriptural references and historic significance of the sites for your study. 

We will also include God’s promises which are the basis for our prayer focus at many of the sites.  Again the “categories” on Lunchtime Prayer for Israel website (www.lunchtimeprayer.com) help you find appropriate promises for the site. There is also a search (the magnifying glass in the upper right corner) to take you to a particular verse.


Your body needs to be in good shape also.  You will be walking several miles a day, climbing stairs, and walking on uneven stones, especially in Jerusalem.  So start walking or exercising now.  You’ll feel better, look better and be ready!

We will try to accommodate as much as possible, but not every site has access for people with mobility limitations (wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.) If you have a medical condition (mobility limitations, pregnancy, etc.), or use medical equipment which could affect your travel, please consult your physician and notify Novea Ministries ahead of time.  No surprises please.


Because tension (not stress) is a way of life here in Israel, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.  We travel under the watchful eye of our Tour Guide and will never go to any place where the situation is tenuous.  Nevertheless, you need to be wise, especially during during free time.



  • Make sure one of the leadership team has your phone number and you know ours.
  • Listing your emergency contacts and any medical conditions are a required part of your application process. 
  • Keep your valuable jewelry at home!
  • Backpacks should be worn face forward, only mothers have eyes in the back of their heads!
  • Always keep a hand on your purse or camera straps. 
  • Keep your passport and license in your hotel room safe and carry copies with you.
  • Keep passport copy, credit card and cash in an undergarment pouch.


Modesty: Gals, please plan to wear long pants or skirts that come just above or below the knees. Blouses or shirts should keep the shoulders covered because many of the places we visit are considered “religious sites” by Muslims, Orthodox Jewish and some Christian groups. Bare shoulders and knees are considered inappropriate attire. When we go to the Dead Sea and Masada (Thursday, 10/18) tank tops and shorts (for men and women) are fine.

If we are able to go onto the Temple Mount, pants or skirts below the knees and longer sleeves.  Women you can bring a large shawl to cover up instead.

In Hezekiah’s tunnel (Day 8) you’ll be walking through water that could be 7” high.  The weather will be warm so you’ll dry quickly, but you might want to wear something that can be rolled up.  DO NOT wear sandals.  Beach shoes or tennis shoes are best as you’ll be walking on slippery, uneven ancient stones. 

Sun screen and a hat are a must!

Layer! Everyone’s internal thermostat is different, so best to bring layers. Jerusalem is 15 degrees cooler than the rest of Israel because of its higher elevation.  The evenings are cool and the days lovely.  The buses are air-conditioned and can get chilly, so having something to wrap around you is helpful.

Shoes.  Shoes need to be sturdy yet comfortable because there is extensive walking over cobblestones, rough surfaces, up and down steps, and over curbs. Best to bring two pairs (no new shoes please), so you can alternate. Flip flops or sandals with a thin sole are NOT a good idea except for evenings.

Water shoes – for Hezekiah’s Tunnel and the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has a rough gravel shoreline in some places. It also has “medicinal mud” – very black and very sticky! Make sure your shoes are securely fastened to your feet or you might lose them in the mud.

The Dead Sea. People have great fun giving themselves and each other facials with the mud and then taking photos. There are showers on the beach to rinse the mud off and private showers in locker room areas to fully shower. The Dead Sea is extremely salty, so you will want to be careful not to get the water in your eyes. Also, you might want to refrain from shaving if you plan to experience the water – irritated skin can be painful. I like to take a small canister of powder which helps remove sand.  Again, sun screen and a hat are important.  

Bring your swimming suit. You will have several opportunities to use one.  Our Galilee accommodations are right on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the water is so inviting.  Floating in the Dead Sea is a “must” experience.  And the pool at our Jerusalem hotel might still be open.


Phones. Make sure your data plan does NOT charge roaming fees. Those will quickly add up.  Our hotels have free Wi-Fi, although in our Galilee accommodations the power is not that strong except in the lobby. There are “hot spots” all over and most Israelis use WhatsApp constantly which is free anywhere in the world.  Don’t forget to bring chargers AND adapters.  Most modern electronics are dual voltage so you won’t need a transformer. You can use two or three prong.  Check the Internet for pictures for use in Israel.

Recorder. Our guide is so knowledgeable that you may be soon overwhelmed. You will appreciate having a small recording device not only for the guide’s nuggets but also your personal reflections as you go along.  Be sure to be able to transfer your daily recordings (and pictures) to another device!

Hair dryers are available in all our accommodations.

Camera.  You will either soon run out of memory if you don’t upload every night or give up trying to take pictures.  Another option is a throw away camera.  Personally I’d rather listen to the guide and then get pictures from the Internet or postcards!  For sure be vigilant of your camera!

Other Electronics. Make sure your devices are dual voltage (120/240).  Then only a small adapter is necessary for your tablets and computers.  Our hotels all have hair dryers. 


How much?  All your land expenses are included in the price: accommodations with breakfast and dinner, tips (driver, guide and hotel), and all entrance fees.  What is NOT included are personal expenses: lunches, snacks and souvenirs.  Most people are comfortable to start with sheckels worth $100.00 USD.  You will always be able to change money at the hotel. 

Cash: You will need cash for personal items: lunch, snacks, small souvenirs and water.  Because we will have a large Israeli breakfast, you may not want more than an ice cream pop for lunch.  But we will stop for simple lunches like falafel (the Israeli hamburger).  If you want to buy lunch, figure about USD $7-12.00.   The bus always has small water bottles available for USD $1.00 and you will need to drink about 1.5-2 liters/day. 

When buying small souvenirs (under $10.00) you can get a better price if you use cash.

Credit/debit cards:  Most vendors accept American credit cards, especially for larger priced items.  If you plan to use your credit/debit card in Israel, it is wise to notify the credit card company before you leave home so they will honor purchases made while in Israel. If you plan to access an ATM, give your bank the same information about your plans to travel to Israel. Some American banks will charge a service fee of about $5.00 to use the ATM here in Israel. Check with your bank before the trip. 

Negotiating: Everyone loves a bargain and tourists especially consider negotiating part of the fun. As a local I find this challenging (at best.)  As those who love and pray for Israel we need to bless them.  That means walking in integrity and righteousness and generosity.  Of course some of the vendors will test you and quote outlandish prices.  Politely thank them and refuse.  THEN allow them to save face by quoting you something more realistic.  I will take you to those vendors with whom I have established relationships; I can promise you they will give you fair prices.  Remember they are watching EVERYTHING you are and do!


This is the big one!  We can see from the “Acts of the Apostles” the Believing Jews in Jerusalem were more concerned with the Gentile Believers than they were concerned about the non-believing Jewish community. For a while the Jews all worshipped together in the synagogue and in the Temple.  But that changed in 135 AD when the Believing Jews refused to follow the rabbinic-proclaimed Messiah (Bar Kokba).  Thus began the great divide between the Believing and non-believing Jews.  Soon the misunderstandings, resentments and fears began on all sides: Jews against Jews against Gentiles.

Meanwhile the Gentile church was flourishing and quickly began the reinterpretation of Scripture by allegorizing and introducing Replacement Theology.  2000+ years of Christian persecution followed and today the great divide has expanded: Unbelieving Jews, Believing Jews, Gentile Believers.

One of the results of this history and great divide has been a distortion of language.  So as you interact with the Jewish people, regardless of their beliefs, three words are vital:


We will talk more about this during our Orientation Meeting the first night.

False expectations: What most people know about Israelis comes from American Jews, from the Bible, from movies and from the media.  To quote an old Broadway song, “That ‘aint necessarily so.”   In fact, it’s NOT at all so. In many ways the culture is a mix with the foundation Middle East (Arabic) with a veneer of Europe.  In many ways we are a 1st world nation, but often act like a 3rd world.

Beware of these false expectations: 

  • Israelis know the Hebrew Bible.  While they learn both the Old and the New Testament in school and think they know it, they do not.  They have learned more from the Talmud than from the Bible. 
  • They have fundamental beliefs (God, sin, repentance), but they don’t.  Some but not all believe in a Messiah.  Those that do really don’t know who or what or when…
  • They hate Christians.  First they don’t know who or what is a Christian.  To most “Christian” means “gentile” therefore, Billy Graham, the Pope and Hitler were all Christians!  Furthermore, they lump all Christians together as Catholics. Israelis are beginning to know that there is a difference between their definition of “Christian” and “Evangelical Christian” but they don’t know what that difference is. 

Bottom line: because Jews are born Jews, Jews think, as do some “Christians” that Christians are born Christians. 


Trigger words: Because of the 2000+ year history of Jewish/Christian relations there are words that trigger offense.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use these words, it’ll be expected from you, just realize that these words have a VERY different meaning and elicit a VERY different internal response.

  • Christian = “gentile.” 
  • Christianity = Catholicism = Jew haters and persecutors
  • Church and “The Church”
  • Born again
  • Missionary


Ask these questions and get these answers:

Who was Jesus? “He was a nice Jewish boy; it was Paul who started a new religion. Jesus was a good teacher, a moral man. BUT, He was not the Messiah because we don’t have peace.  He is not God.”

What did He do? “He showed us how to live.”

The good news:  These “trigger words” provide excellent opportunities to explain: A Christian is one who has given his life to God through faith in Jesus….and then BRIEFLY explain the Gospel.  Christianity has become a religion but God wants a personal relationship like Abraham, Moses and David had. That leads into the discussion of “evangelical Christian.”

Israelis LOVE evangelicals: Israelis have seen the work that large evangelicals continue to do in Israel so that’s the way to identify yourself!  They will not know (or care) about theological issues like “charismatic” vs “evangelical.”


Since interaction with the locals is a crucial part of our Journey, here are some tips which will work anywhere in the world!

How to start a conversation?  You can go up to anyone and ask, “What do you want me to know and to tell my friends back home about Israel and the people.”   

Israelis will be fascinated that you have come to “pray God’s promises to Israel.” That itself is an easy conversation starter.

Avoid politics and the issue of “Palestine.” They will probably ask about Trump since he is just as much a topic here as in the States.  And the Palestinian “issue” is a can of worms…don’t get pulled into giving your opinion.  You can ask, but LISTEN! LISTEN!! LISTEN!!!

How to share the Gospel: 

Keep it as simple as possible.  Tell it as a story:

  • people came to the Temple three times a year to give a sacrifice to God to have their sins forgiven….
  • laid their hands on the animal and killed it. 
  • The blood was sprinkled…and they were declared clean…
  • but had to do it again and again because they needed a new heart
  • God provided a new heart…a heart with His spirit inside

And go on from there! Of course use Scripture throughout making sure it’s from Hebrew Bible!

Don’t use “Christianize” words like: I gave my heart; I invited Jesus into my heart; saved. Nicodemis didn’t understand when Yeshua said, “Born Again” and neither will the secular Jews.  The rabbis have their own interpretation and use it often! 

Use the Feasts: Passover (blood on the door) and Yom Kippur (scape goats)

Present the Gospel through the Old Testament

Isaiah 59:1-2

Leviticus 17:11

Isaiah 53 (ask, “Who is this talking about?)

Genesis 22:13 (substitionary atonement – Yom Kippur)

Jeremiah 31:31

Zechariah 12:10

Genesis 22:13

Jeremiah 4:4; Ezekiel 36:36

Prayer: Ask the person if they WANT prayer. People rarely reject prayer, but tell them you pray in the name of “Jesus”, or better “Yeshua.” They will be watching you carefully, so keep it natural reflecting your intimate relationship with the Father. Since you will probably be outside in a very public place, be sensitive. Don’t draw attention. I don’t close my eyes when pray with non-Believers.  You can look at them right in the eye!

Therefore, don’t go into intense spiritual warfare unless absolutely necessary…but then call for a leader and find an appropriate place.

  • Keep your eyes open.  You can look into their eyes as you pray; keeps the connection that way.
  • Do not touch them unless they give you permission first. 
  • Obviously use Hebrew Bible scripture as much as possible.  Biblical prayers were based on God’s covenantal promises.  The Covenant is VERY important to Israelis.  So I always pray, “God You promised……



Torah: The “Law of Moses,” the first five books.  The Hebrew Bible consists of: The Law, the prophets and the writings. The Jewish people consider the Law most important, some even to the exclusion of the others.  Therefore, few know the prophesies that mean so much to us. The Psalms are valued as they are assigned mystical properties.  Therefore many of their prayers revolve around the Psalms,

Tenach: The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, in other words, the whole of Hebrew Bible.

Brit Hadesha: which literally means, “The New Covenant.”  While I don’t speak Hebrew, I always use this Hebrew term from Jeremiah 31:31. 

Talmud: Is composed of the Mishna (commentaries on the Torah) and the Gamara (rabbinic discussions on the Mishna). The Talmud is considered the Oral Law which, the Jews believe, was given to Moses on Sinai!

Level of Religiosity

  • Secular: don’t believe in God.
  • Reform: liberal, Judaism is a progressive religion. Very few in Israel.
  • Observant:  Believe in God; keep the feasts carefully. Usually wear black pants and white shirts. All wear black kippa.
  • Religious:  Very careful to keep the mandates of their particular rabbi.  Usually wear all black, men with side curls and woman in wigs. With hats.

Hebrew words

Literally means “peace” and if you learn one word to use in Israel, make it this one. Used for hellos and goodbyes, and plenty of other uses in between.

Efo shirutim:

Where is the bathroom. 

Alright, this is your basic “cool”, “great”, “alright”. An arabic word to use whenever you really feel like. Want to go to the beach? Sababa. Want to eat?  Sababa! The Hebrew equivalent ismachniv” or “yoffee“.

Literally it means, “everything is in order.”  Use it for: it’s okay.  How are you feeling?  Beseder.

Ken & Lo
Yes & no..

Ma nishmá
What’s up? Friendly way of greeting friends.

Toda (also Toda Raba)
Thanks and “Thanks a lot!” This is a fun word to say because it sounds like you’re a 5-year-old who’s just finished a dance recital. Ta-da!

If you like to eat, you’ll learn this one quick. It’s Hebrew for Bon Apetit!

Spend enough time around Israelis and you might quickly discover an innate sense of brusqueness. But that doesn’t mean they avoid basic manners. Bevakasha is the Hebrew word for please and you’re welcome.

Pronounced with a gutteral sound. Lest you forget you’re in the Middle East, learn slicha early in your trip. It’s Hebrew for excuse me or sorry! You’ll use it when cutting in front of people in queues, when brushing past them on the crowded Tel Aviv boulevards, and when climbing over other passengers in the Israel public transport.

When something goes well, say tov — it’s Hebrew for “good” and has plenty of uses in everyday conversations.

Boker tov — Good morning

Erev tov — Good evening

Laila tov — Good night

Mazel tov — Good fortune (literally) but you’ll know it as a congratulatory phrase from pop culture

See you / bye. As in adios, amigo!


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