Whenever I asked a question about Jesus, the answer was, “We’re Jewish, we don’t believe in Jesus!”  But that answer didn’t satisfy.

I always knew I was Jewish and that we had a special relationship with God so when Christians told me that I didn’t know God, I thought they were crazy!  Or worse, they hated the Jewish people.

But there came a day when my heart was so broken and my life was such a mess that I challenged God to help me.  He sent a man whose name was “John.”  John knew my God better than I did and I was jealous.  Finally when I heard the words of Isaiah 53 I knew that Jesus had made His way into “my Bible.”  In fact, I later discovered He was on every page!

On April 20, 1986 I gave my heart, mind and will to Jesus as my Messiah.  Sure there were questions, but I knew He was the answer.

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