A Jewish American Artist Makes Aliyah

 The LORD is my shepherd…He prepares a table in the presence of my enemies…– King David, Psalm 23


Why did I make aliyah to Israel?  Israel was for me, a Jewish American artist by profession, pretty much Never-Never Land.  I never thought about it, never wanted to visit, and definitely never hoped to live here.  That changed in 1977 in Brazil when I received orders directly from on high, as one would receive a draft notice, to go to Israel.  It all came as much of a shock to me, especially that Yeshua is alive and gathering his flock back to the land of our fathers.  I was obedient and came alone with $300 in my pocket, not knowing a soul other than God, the Shepherd who led me each day through this ancient land.  It is a good thing I was obedient, as he led me to my wife-to-be the very first week here.

We have been very blessed, giving birth in Zion to a wonderful son and daughter, both who served bravely in the Israel Defense Force, and are now married and producing lovely little grandchildren for us. I also had the honor of serving in the Israel army in this land of the Bible.

During these many years of sojourn I have had the opportunity to use my giftings in art to paint, among many other works, several large biblical murals in public places, including Jerusalem.  We have also been instrumental in founding the first synagogue in Jerusalem in nearly2000 years dedicated to the Messiah.  This is no small challenge.

We now live in a small and quiet village in the mountains of Judah, outside of Jerusalem.  Our home is a delight, surrounded by lush garden and fruit trees, with grape vine and fig tree, and a fish pond with water lilies.  It is a perfect grandpa and grandma home. We are living witnesses to the Lord’s amazing gathering of the Jewish people back to our promised land in these awesome latter days, and to his amazing grace and faithfulness in both war and peace.

Elhanan ben-Avraham

Jerusalem, Israel 6-2012

Blog:   elhananwordsmith.wordpress.com



 The grapes of summer

hang sweetening on the creeping vine,

and mulberries red and white

drip like rain and tangle in my hair,

sweet on the tongue and gorging

to plumpness, and pomegranates

clothe their tree with bright decoration

awaiting the fall to celebrate sweetness,

loquats cluster amongst the large leaves,

ripening in the sun, and plums turn slowly

purple and lemons yellow

nearby the goldfish pond

where the multi-colored aquatic wonders

dart beneath the waterlilies

in this edenic garden

perfumed with the fragrance of grace

and smitten with love,

far from the grapes of wrath.