Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Tisha b’ Av- The people cry for sympathy

Tisha b’ Av- The people cry for sympathy

– The people cry for sympathy.

The world goes from crisis to crisis; wherever you look there is pain, suffering and death.  Because Israel understands what it means to be in need, she is usually the first nation to help. 

Nevertheless there is a growing hatred and animosity towards the Jewish people.  Even in her darkest hour, nations either limited or refused to welcome refugees from the Holocaust.

Lamentations 1:11-16

All her people sigh,

They seek bread;

They have given their valuables for food to restore life.

“See, O Lord, and consider,

For I am scorned.”

 “Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?

Behold and see

If there is any sorrow like my sorrow,

Which has been brought on me,

Which the Lord has inflicted

In the day of His fierce anger.

 “From above He has sent fire into my bones,

And it overpowered them;

He has spread a net for my feet

And turned me back;

He has made me desolate

And faint all the day.

 “The yoke of my transgressions was bound;

They were woven together by His hands,

And thrust upon my neck.

He made my strength fail;

The Lord delivered me into the hands of those whom I am not able to withstand.

 “The Lord has trampled underfoot all my mighty men in my midst;

He has called an assembly against me

To crush my young men;

The Lord trampled as in a winepress

The virgin daughter of Judah.

 “For these things I weep;

My eye, my eye overflows with water;

Because the comforter, who should restore my life,

Is far from me.

My children are desolate

Because the enemy prevailed.”


Soldier sleeping at the Wall during all night study and prayer.