July 29:Tisha b’Av

-Witness of Israel even in judgment

Many people only think about God’s blessing upon Israel and the Jewish people.  But God’s choice of Israel to be His witness also includes their responsibility that comes with His privilege of blessing.  Therefore we need to understand His judgment and punishment on Israel because of her sin as part of Israel’s “chosen-ness.”

Lamentations 4:11-13

The Lord has fulfilled His fury,

He has poured out His fierce anger.

He kindled a fire in Zion,

And it has devoured its foundations.

The kings of the earth,

And all inhabitants of the world,

Would not have believed

That the adversary and the enemy

Could enter the gates of Jerusalem—

Because of the sins of her prophets

And the iniquities of her priests,

Who shed in her midst

The blood of the just.


Joseph Caiaphas was the Jewish high priest, who is believed to have been involved in the Sanhedrin trial of Jesus and to have organized the plot to kill Jesus. This historical figure has been quite interesting to the historians, given that he was the longest serving high priest of the 1st century, whose priesthood outlasted Valerius Gratus and Pontius Pilate. Since the 4th century to the present day, the location of Caiaphas’ residence has been a subject of much speculation.
Once pilgrims started visiting Jerusalem, they tried to seek out all the sacred sites to feel more connected with god. One of these sacred places was the location of Jesus’ trial in front of the high priest. The oldest pictorial map of Jerusalem, shows Caiaphas’ palace on Mount Zion, however it is not clear enough to pinpoint the exact location of it.
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