Hi, I’m Iana, I’m from Brazil.

I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior at age 15, in 2003 when I was depressed because of my parents’ divorce. They were separated since 1996, peacefully; but to make it official all the peace was gone. There was a point I constantly thought of committing suicide, I could not see the point of life anymore. Living with my father, we moved to a neighbor city and I started High School there.

In this new school, a classmate invited me for dinner at her friend’s with a group; I didn’t know it was a Christian group. The following week she invited me again for the group and she explained to me it was a Bible study group that sometimes had dinner together. At the end of the Bible study she shared the GOOD NEWS with me and I hesitated: how could such a weak person follow Jesus Christ? After hesitating, I said: “I want to follow Him, but I don’t know if I am capable of it.” She gave me a wide smile and said: “What matters is that you want it, let’s pray.”

After praying I didn’t feel anything special but when I arrived home that evening I felt something I had never felt before – I felt my heart fulfilled as if it were empty before. I laid on my bed and I stared the ceiling for about 20 minutes trying to figure out what was happening with no TV neither radio on. It was a marvelous feeling!

My dark thoughts vanished and I found myself seeking sermons on TV. I felt the desire to know the Bible, God gave a meaning to my life and reasons to smile. I got involved with church and I have been on this journey with Jesus. I am so thankful God takes care of me 24/7; I am happy nothing can separate me from HIS LOVE.

I’m into languages and I love doing translations. I’ve worked as an interpreter before for American missionaries in short-term mission trips in North Brazil several times and now I work as a full-time teacher in South Brazil. Sometimes my path seems confusing, but I trust the Lord is putting the pieces of the puzzle together and I am sure in His time a picture will be revealed.

Joanie and I were introduced by a dear friend via e-mail, it’s been a joy serving with this Ministry. I love being useful for God’s work!

Lana M - Brazil