My grandma and my aunt were Christians when I was young. At that time, I would follow them to the church and read the Bible as a storybook, sometimes I even taught some elderly people to sing praise the Lord.

But after they both passed away during my junior high school, I didn’t have anyone to lead me in life with Jesus Christ. So I didn’t go to the church or read the Bible after that.

But God will not leave his little sheep outside of the sheepfold.

During my sophomore year in college, I was the vice-chairman of the English Drama Association of SWUFE; I wanted to invite some foreign friends to attend our activity. Brendan was the only foreign student and he was in my financial management class. A teammate gave me his phone number so I texted him if he had time for our activity.

He said he had one fellowship to attend that day so he couldn’t help. He told me it was a Christian meeting, so remembering my good experiences as a child, I decided to attend. So that Friday night I came to the fellowship “womendejia (our family)” with him!

That night was amazing. As soon as I went into that room, I was overwhelmed by a strong touch in my heart. And when we sang songs, I kept crying quietly without knowing why. And what’s more, when they were sharing their ideas about the verses of the Bible, I started to raise my hand time after time just because I couldn’t hold back my emotion to say it loud. And after all that, the sisters and brothers in our fellowship prayed for me to decide to follow Jesus. Then I burst into tears feeling that I had finally come home!

But the next year, in my third year I was confused and frustrated and even wanted to drift from our fellowship. Actually I hadn’t attended our fellowship for almost a month at that time. I thought maybe I would be an unbeliever again.

But once again God sent someone into my path. I met Mirco, a German exchange student. The Holy Spirit sent him right to me; he saw all the blessings around me. After that night, I was surprised that Mirco wanted to continue to chat about the Lord Jesus. Since then, I’ve had lots of help from him, as we’ve talked about my family, my reason to believe and why I felt confused and helpless. The timing was perfect. Mirco dragged me back from the edges of falling off the cliff. I believe there isn’t any coincidence when I met Mirco after Brendan. My dear Lord kept trying to take me home.

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel that I don’t deserve to be loved the way God loves me because I’m just a “normal person.” And yet God’s love is not “normal. ” I know that I am loved with the Father’s deep and unconditional love in Jesus.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

By Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung