March 17: Purim

– What is Purim?

Purim is not a Levitical holiday but is mandated in the book of Esther. The holiday commemorates Israel’s deliverance from annihilation by the Persian Empire – now the country of Iran.

The one-day holiday of Purim begins at sundown Wednesday March 20th. Purim is as relevant to Israel today as it was in the year 356 BCE.

The dramatic story begins with a beauty pageant and ends with a banquet. It is as much a love story as it is an adventure story. Full of twists and turns, it ends with a reversal of fate, as the intended victims become the victors.

Esther 9:26-28

So they called these days Purim, after the name Pur. Therefore, because of all the words of this letter, what they had seen concerning this matter, and what had happened to them, the Jews established and imposed it upon themselves and their descendants and all who would join them, that without fail they should celebrate these two days every year, according to the written instructions and according to the prescribed time, that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city, that these days of Purim should not fail to be observed among the Jews, and that the memory of them should not perish among their descendants.

Since “purpose” is one of the themes of Purim, the pictures on our posts are of people who by fulfilling their destiny (purpose) impacted the world for the Kingdom of Yeshua.



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