(Founders of Poriya Congregation)

Eric Morey, born a gentile in the U.S. in 1943, spent many years searching for the truth and traveling over large areas of the world including Europe, South America, the Middle East and south Asia.  In 1967, while in the Peace Corps in Peru, he had an encounter with the living God.  Over the next 10 years he continued seeking for the way to have a relationship with this God he now knew to be real.  He traveled more, tried out psychedelic drugs and explored New Age philosophies, until he finally found Yeshua in 1977.

Terri Morey, born Jewish in the U.S. in 1936, also did much searching until a friend gave her an Old Testament in 1973.  She began to read it and decided to follow the Ten Commandments, including honoring her mother and father.  After 13 years of no contact she called her abusive father and told him she loved him, and meant it with all her heart. The Lord began speaking to Terri and in 1975 she encountered Yeshua and became born-again.

In 1980 Eric and Terri were both living in San Francisco as believers.  About a year after a divine encounter in which the Lord gave Terri a vision of their future together in Israel, they married.  Knowing Terri’s love for Israel and her strong desire to live here (she had first come as a volunteer in 1967), Eric said “I’m proposing to you, but I know I’m also proposing to Israel.”  In 1983 they immigrated (made “Aliyah”) to Israel and settled in Tiberias.

Eric went to work for a Christian man, Ken Crowell, who had started an electronics company in Tiberias–Galtronics.  As the company grew, Eric became the CFO of what is still, by far, the largest company owned and operated by believers in Israel.  In 1991, after several years of preparation, Eric, with Ken’s help, opened The Galilee Experience as an offshoot of Galtronics.  He also helped Ken develop the products and businesses that eventually became Gal-com, Megavoice and Galilee of the Nations Music.  In 1996 Eric became the full-time GM of The Galilee Experience.  He retired in 2008 to devote more time to the congregational ministry of Kehilat Poriya.

Eric and Terri are the primary ministry team of Kehilat Poriya, and find it very fulfilling.  The community has grown in quantity, but much more important, in quality and depth of faith and fellowship.   This is a great blessing.

Eric and Terri have a small business producing a line of Hebraic Roots calendars which supplies most of their own livelihood.

The personal desire of Eric and Terri is to be able to continue ministering for many more years, but to raise up a younger team to hand off the mantle of congregational leadership.  They want to grow closer to the Lord as His return seems to be approaching daily.

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