Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem!

Thank you for signing up to receive the daily posts from Lunch Time Prayer
for Israel.

In these turbulent times, praise and prayer are our primary weapons of warfare.
Never believe that your prayer is not important, your one minute of prayer CAN
make a difference!

We chose to pray at lunch time because so often we are with or around other
people. You will be amazed how many will join you in prayer if you just ask them.
Soon they too will be joining.


43 thoughts on “Signup Thank You

  1. kassiani Gannon says:

    Jonie, I love the way you have worked very hard, it shows in this great ministry God has given you!
    I will be praying…
    Love you,

  2. Larry says:

    Dearest sister, I am so honored to meet you what a powerful work you are doing for the Lord. You clear up so many things so fast, you are so exuberant and focused.
    I am so glad I made it to our pastor Randy’s class last night. You and our beloved Israel are in my prayers .

  3. Billy says:

    Hey friend!
    Last night with you at Grace Community Church in Madera was such a blessing to all of us! And i hope You as well! I thank and praise our great God and Savior for you and for all you are doing for Him and Israel and His people. We are praying with and for you, and for Israel.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon. May He be gracious to you and keep you in His perfect peace! And all of Isreal too! 🙂
    Love & Blessings!
    Billy & Warren 🙂

  4. Margaret Yim White says:

    Thank you for bring us the information of the holy land; we will pray for them God Bless you.

  5. Maryann Olson says:

    Joan, I have been Praying for you and your ministries, for years and find it a Blessing to do so. Thank you for this new website, and I look forward to reading it daily. Many Blessing to you, Maryann

  6. Leslie says:

    Just signed up to receive the daily posts. Looking forward to being involved in this wonderful ministry and praying daily for the peace of Jerusalem!

  7. Dina LaVey says:

    What a beautiful website my mom has shared with me. I pray for Israel and so appreciate your blog. I will figure out what time to set my watch EST to agree with you at lunchtime.

  8. Rosalie says:

    I have been praying for Israel for years. Thanks I look forward to hear from you about urgent issues we should pray about in these perilous times when influential organisations are falsely blaming Israel for crimes!



  10. maggie says:

    Hi Joan,
    Greetings and blessings from a cold Holland
    A nice way to keep on praying for Israel
    Hope to meet again in nov. in JLM

  11. shirley says:

    I have just been made aware of your website, today, through Jan Markell’s
    OLIVETREE MINISTRIES. I have been a supporter of her mininstry for quite sometime.

    I support prayer for Israel ,and have been for since 1987. Since this date I have copied and distributed the CHRISTIAN FRIENDS OF ISRAEL, monthly Prayer Letter , to people in my church and surrounding churches. I do my best to help people understand the prayer needs of Israel and support her however they can. I am a member of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship and for the past six months. I have also been attending Beth Echad Congregation (on Sat mornnings) to learn all I can.

    Would like to be a part of praying at 12:30pm for Israel.

    • joanie says:

      Shirley, I’m very to learn of your prayer support for Israel. You have the heart of God. I’d like to send you some refrigerator magnets to give out to your friends and churches. j

  12. Marika says:

    The scripture teaches us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I’m so glad you organized this as a daily reminder to do so. Praise The Lord! He is faithful. Hallelujah! Maranatha!

  13. Cees says:

    Together we will be a wall around the Jewes people, that is our goal.
    We as Christians are in these days the only friends from Israel.Watch and you will see it.
    Every country will leave the Jews, but we will satnd behind you.
    I am happy that I can be involved.
    Shaolm Israel

    • joanie says:

      Dear dear Cees, thank you so much. Yes, even our friends will scatter unless the Holy Spirit gives His grace. Israel is a watershed even among the Body.

  14. Teri says:

    How can we not pray for Israel if we truly love the Lord our God? Thank you for your commitment to encouraging prayer for Israel and God’s chosen people. I celebrate the Messiah and I pray for the Holy Land from whence He came.

    • joanie says:

      Teri, your love and commitment to the Lord results in your love and prayers for Israel. Thank you so very much. May Yeshua be gloried in our lives, in Israel and in the Church!

  15. Barb says:

    JUST discovered you through dear Jan Markell. I am delighted to be on board and to be in obedience to the Lord to be praying for His people and land. “Those who honor me I will honor” I Sam. 2:30 I would like to have some magnets, please.

  16. David says:

    I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve just been on a week-long Israel Foundational Program offered by Bridges for Peace. Absolutely awesome to discover our Hebraic Roots and our role as believers in having to actively support Israel. We as Christians should be celebrating Shabbat and some of the Feasts. The program covered the media onslaught against Israel as well as the Muslim aggression. I visited the Holocaust Museum in Cape Town and was saddened by the senseless persecution and loss of life during the Holocaust. I continue to pray for Israel and God’s protection over the nation.

    • joanie says:

      David you are SO right! To help Christians understand what the feasts are all about and their personal significance, I wrote, “Celebrate Jesus! The Christian Perspective of the Biblical Feasts.” It’s available on If they won’t ship to South Africa, let me know and I’ll have our bookstore send it directly. I’m working on a new blog: I’ve also done a few videos on You Tube. Just enter my name: Joan Lipis and enjoy!

      Please keep in touch.

  17. Tonette says:

    I have also just discovered this prayer time through Jan Markel with Olive Tree Ministries! I am so glad to be involved with others in prayer for Israel at a specified prayer hour! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  18. Joyce Sawdon says:

    It was good to meet you briefly as I prepared to return to UK after resurrection day. Thank you for introducing me to Lunchtime prayer. Yes! it is effective. Happy tohave this opportunity to join you!!

    • joanie says:

      Thank you for the encouragement. Please share with your friends and church family. We want to see this get into every highway and byway…regardless when people pray!

  19. Kay says:

    I have been a supporter of Israel since I was a teen. I am now 71. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and pray for the peace of Jerusalem every day and long for Zion, the habitation of God and the new heavens and new earth as His glory fills the earth as waters that cover the sea. I am praying for God to raise up watchmen on the walls, for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on all flesh. Joel 3.
    May God richly bless your work.

  20. Pat Smith says:

    What a blessing when I met you–another very special part of His Body! Thanks for all you are. And thanks for letting myself and Vera know about the Lunch Time Prayer. Count us in. Gratefully, Pat

  21. Lisa Howard says:

    Any chance to pray for Israel is a blessing and a joy. May The Lord bring peace to Jerusalem and bless her every stone

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