Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: Righteousness

End Times, Righteousness

God placed Adam in paradise, where everything was available to him except the fruit from one tree.  When both Adam and Eve disobeyed God, took and ate from that tree, sin entered the world.  The righteousness which had been their birthright was forfeited.  From that moment on, unrighteousness was passed on to every human being. 

End Times; Righteousness

We’ve been hearing God’s charges against Israel and the nations.  Zephaniah gives us only a glimpse as God sent other prophets with essentially the same message.

This week, we’ll pause and jump to understand God’s promised purpose: 

End Times, Righteousness, Jerusalem

God makes His plans and purposes very clear so that everyone has the opportunity to repent and put their trust and faith in Him. He is especially concerned about Jerusalem as the prophets continually warn her inhabitants.

God’s unique relationship with Israel; Righteousness

When the people returned from captivity they worshiped God and gave Him sacrifices for sin and for devotion.  But their worship was superficial only because they had transgressed God’s law and married foreigners. 


The promise for God’s righteousness upon the people and of the land of Israel is the object of our longing and prayers. Sadly that time must come after great pain and suffering, but it will come. 


Sadly, the story of Jehoshaphat didn’t end well.  While he lived a life faithful to God, he did not cleanse the land from false worship which defiled the land and the people.

Righteousness (Relationship)

The chapter and verse divisions in our modern Bibles did not exist in the original and ancient scrolls. Jeremiah continues sharing God’s reasons for bringing judgement on Israel.

Before Israel could take possession of the land of her inheritance, she had to cleanse it of the defilement of the inhabitants. Today God’s command to kill every man, woman and child seems to be horrible and unfair; but it shows how intolerant God is of sin and the devastation it causes.


People have always tried to please God by doing activities for Him. They pray, give to charity, and spend hours in religious rituals.


In Paul’s letter to the Romans, he quotes Psalm 36 as he argues that both Jews and Gentiles sin. Part of the complaint is that no one has the fear of the Lord.


Following Yeshua in the fear of the Lord leads to major life style changes.