Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: Righteousness


Samuel was sad by Israel’s rejection of God and of his warnings.

Righteousness, God’s unique relationship of Israel

God demanded righteousness from Israel and insisted that they keep themselves holy and separate from the other nations.  The recognition and celebration of the Sabbath is still a sign of Israel’s unique relationship with God.

God’s unique relationship with Israel; Righteousness

When the people returned from captivity they worshiped God and gave Him sacrifices for sin and for devotion.  But their worship was superficial only because they had transgressed God’s law and married foreigners. 

October 4: Righteousness

The promise for God’s righteousness upon the people and of the land of Israel is the object of our longing and prayers. Sadly that time must come after great pain and suffering, but it will come. 

August 8: Righteousness (Relationship)

The chapter and verse divisions in our modern Bibles did not exist in the original and ancient scrolls.  Jeremiah continues sharing God’s reasons for bringing judgement on Israel.

August 5 Reaping their fruit: Isaiah 3:8-11

God is just; His judgements are true. It is a lying spirit that will cause a person to deny the truth of their actions.  The Holy Spirit convicts but never condemns. 

August 4: Famine: Isaiah 3:1

God often used famine and starvation as judgement to discipline Israel to reject their false gods and return to Him.  In God’s ultimate, He will bring famine and starvation worse than the world has every experienced.  (See Revelation 6:5-8*)

August 3: Preparing for God’s Judgement: Isaiah 2:19-21

The prophesy of Isaiah confirms that there will be some in Israel who will turn from sin.  In that day the glory and majesty of God will shine forth from the heart of Israel. In that day He will be exalted over all the earth.