Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

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End Times, Jerusalem

Daniel’s vision of the future was not totally fulfilled by Antiochus IV.  The prophesy will only be fulfilled by the one called “the Man of Sin” or the anti-Messiah during the 70th week of Daniel (again here referred to as “he.”)

End Times, Jerusalem

The Apostles must have been devastated when Yeshua warned them that the Temple, now restored by Herod, would be completely destroyed. 

The Temple had once again become the center of their lives and of all Israel. 

End Times, Jerusalem

God is faithful to His character and to His promises.  Israel was taken into captivity, but God promised that after 70 years of exile, He would bring them back to their land.  God worked through King Cyrus of Persia to issue the command to rebuild the Temple.  Amazingly, the prophet Daniel based his end times prophesy on the date of this command: 445 BC

End Times, Jerusalem

Shortly after Zerubbabel started rebuilding the Temple, Daniel had his fifth and final vision.

In this vision, God showed him the wars and succession of kings in the Persian, Greek and Roman empires.  The details were so accurate; some Bible historians insist Daniel was written in 165 BC. 

End Times, Jerusalem

God has always had a remnant of those who remain faithful to His covenant. But, from their beginning as a nation, Israel has been on a spiritual roller-coaster.

End Times, Jerusalem

In approximately 20 BC, King Herod began rebuilding the Temple that had been built by Zerubbabel almost 600 years before. Even though the apostles had seen it many times, its beauty still struck them with wonder.  It had taken Herod 46 years (John 2:20) and now Yeshua was warning that it would soon be destroyed. 

End Times, Jerusalem

Because of God’s love for Jerusalem, the people have taken advantage of His grace and mercy.  Even today the many Jews refuse to believe that God would lift His hand of protection.  But ignoring God’s warnings He gave through the prophets is no excuse. 

End Times, Righteousness, Jerusalem

God makes His plans and purposes very clear so that everyone has the opportunity to repent and put their trust and faith in Him. He is especially concerned about Jerusalem as the prophets continually warn her inhabitants.

Jerusalem, End Times

There will come that wonderful day when Jerusalem will fulfill her destiny as the City of Truth, The Mountain of the Lord of hosts, The Holy Mountain, the City of the Great King, and the City of the Lord.