Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: Romans 9-11

January 9: Christian Anti-Semitism: Bits of Truth

Much of what the Replacement Theologians said had elements of truth.  The destruction of the Temple WAS a sign of God’s discipline against Israel’s rebellion and rejection of Yeshua.  Their exile was also prophesied. 

May 31: Romans: 9-11

Praise to God It is impossible to fully understand and appreciate God’s wisdom, love, grace and mercy. The response and responsibility of salvation is praise

May 29: Romans 9-11

We must never confuse the way God works with the nation with how He works with individuals because what God promises He does!

May 28: Romans 9-11

When Paul says, “all Israel” he is not saying that every single Jewish person will accept Yeshua as his Lord and Savior.

May 27: Romans 9-11

Paul goes against nature. First, the wild never gets grafted onto the good and never does that which was cut off get re-grafted!

May 26: Romans 9-11

How can a Jew be cut off from being a Jew? Impossible. But Jews can be cut off from God’s covenant blessings through rebellion and unbelief.

May 25: Romans 9-11

Often people focus on only one side of God’s character; either His goodness and mercy or His holiness and justice. But we cannot divide God that way.

May 24: Romans 9-11

Paul confronts and corrects an attitude that is still held by many believers – that God is finished with the Jews and the Gentiles have become “the chosen.”

May 23: Romans 9-11

Paul’s illustration of grafted in branches is contrary to nature and agricultural practices.