Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May they prosper who love you

- Psalm 122:6

Category: The Nations

The Nations: Ezekiel 36:6-15

God continues His message by warning the nations what He will do if they continue trying to take the land of Israel.

The nations

The greatest punishment God inflicts on Israel is to exile them from their promised land, sending them into the world of the Gentiles.  Like a good father, God gave them up to their rebellious desires in the hope that they would repent and turn back to Him in obedience. 

Israel’s redemption and salvation, The Nations, End Times

Today many churches do not interpret God’s prophetic word literally.  Instead they interpret everything as an allegory.  Nothing is as the writer meant, but instead refers to something else.  In that way everything that God meant means something else.

The Nations, Israel’s Redemption and Salvation

Millions of tourists and pilgrims come to Israel every year.  They come for many reasons; followers of Jesus usually want to “walk where Jesus walked.”  While that is an important motivation, they miss seeing where Jesus is walking NOW and where He WILL walk tomorrow!

August 16: The Nations

God chose Israel to be His witness so the nations would know, love and trust Him.  To be His witness was not only to bring His Word and His Messiah to the nations, but also to be an example and reflection of His character.

July 27: The Nations

God not only made and keeps His promises to Israel, He also made and keeps His promises to the nations.